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The company was founded in 1898. It is located in the Czech Republic, Jindřichův Hradec

Nowadays, it is a large modern enterprise with second volumes of production in the Czech Republic

It is one of the global leaders of absinth production

It produces over 50 alcoholic beverages and syrups. The most recognized brands are Fruko Schulz Liqueurs, Pushkin, Tuzemak Fruko Schulz, Kaiser Franz Joseph, Prazska Garda, Eisberg, Fruko Schulz Absinth, Absolvent

The fabric is equipped with three bottling lines with total production capacity of 1,5 million dL per year

Fruko Schulz has its own distribution network and retail chain

The company has distribution contracts with retail chains like Makro, Kaufland, Tesco, COOP Chechy, LIDL, Interspar, Penny Market, Norma, etc

It exports the products to over 20 countries