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There is a high demand for Fruko-Schulz products in Russian HoReCa which is a result of Ladoga’s team work on promoting the product on the Russian market where Fruko Schulz has the positioning of high quality liqueur range produced from fruit and berry distillates without flavor additives and with 90% natural flavorings. There is no additional markup because Ladoga is the owner of Fruko-Schulz, and in this case the distribution chain is shorter than in cases of brands included in distribution portfolios.

The brand regularly supports different events in the bar and club industry aimed at both consumers and professionals of the restaurant industry: 

Fruko Schulz became an official partner of Titians World Open - Legend, the international flairing championship.

Fruko Schulz supported events, unique in terms extent, geography and star rating of the experts; in eight Russian cities a number of flairing competitions and certified workshops with brothers Christian (the most awarded bartender in the world) and Rodrigo Delpech, Dario Doimo, and Vladimir Buriyanov, was held. Russian bartenders had an amazing opportunity to adopt the best practices from the famous bartenders.