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Welcome to the FUKO BAR 

It is the first unique branded bar of alcohol beverage producer  Fruko- Schulz factory.

The bar is open daily from 15,00 till 23,00. It is located on Betlémská 5, Staré Město.
We offer to tourists and citizens an unforgettable evening in comfortable and warm atmosphere of Venice Carnival, which is the main theme of FRUKO BAR. You can choose either of 2 halls you prefer - colorful lounge with soft leather armchairs, subdued light, fine wines, house beer and TV broadcast with sporting and cultural world or made as a disco bar hall with dance music, cocktails and merry friendly bartender.
The wooden interior of FRUKO BAR is made of huge barrel in which the company Fruko-Schulz more than 30 years aged the famous domestic rum "Tuzemak". Therefore, the bar always has light heady aroma.
FRUKO BAR has prepared for you a unique cocktail card with large majority of drinks, which are made of exclusive alcohol brands from all over the world and of course include premium products of Fruko-Schulz factory. Our guests can try cocktail collection «12 month with Fruko-Schulz». This is a collection of 12 original cocktails each of which remind the mood of the month it named.
FRUKO BAR will be glad to celebrate the Birthday party, Marriage and any other your event. We will prepare a unique bright program with barmen show and life music.
In our bar you can always find free Wi-Fi appetizing beer and cocktail snack.
Make a photo in Fruko Bar, put it in Fruko Bar Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram with #frukobar tag and get the code with 10% discount!



World-famous guru of bar industry Simon Difford has expressed a high opinion of the Czech liqueur on the pages of international Class Magazine.

In spirits tasting review in the wide-known British magazine, the bar professional paid special attention to the products by Fruko-Schulz factory. In his review of Fruko Schulz Advocaat Simon Difford wrote, «Launched in 2011 as part of a new range of liqueurs, Fruko-Schulz Advocaat is made from egg yolks, sugar, milk and vanilla. It is an entirely natural product.» The expert gave the liqueur a quite high score - 4,5 out of 5.

In the description part Simon Difford noted "the flavor of vanilla custard and panna cotta, thick creamy mouthfeel, custard-like flavour with light vanilla and good brandy flavor", and in the aftertaste he detected notes of "creamy vanilla and subtle spirity brandy spice".

Simon Difford from Great Britain is more of a writer than a bartender, but there is no one on the planet who knows about alcohol more than he does. In 1997, he started publishing his own magazine CLASS, which, by 2001, has become the major British magazine about alcoholic beverages. It was the year when Simon Difford sold it to dedicate himself fully to publishing a series of books. Simon is the author of Diffords Guide — Cocktails, a legendary collection of cocktail recipes. The last, eighth, version of the book contains 2800 recipes, collected by Simon Difford from different countries.

Fruko Schulz is the largest Czech producer of strong alcoholic beverages and liqueurs and the leader in absinth production. Fruko-Schulz is a company with long-term history, which applies modern technologies to the production of liqueurs, bitters and absinth.

Bartenders collaborate with Fruko Schulz on a regular basis — in recipe creation Ladoga’s specialists have taken opinions of best European bartenders, their feedback on liqueurs texture, consistency, taste, and aroma into consideration. The final result provides endless opportunities for geniuses working at the bar counter.



Liqueurs by Fruko-Schulz, which is a major liqueur, bitter and absinth producer in Czech Republic won three superior awards at a prestigious European tasting competition The Liqueur Masters 2013.

The Liqueur Masters competition, a part of The Spirits Masters, is annually held by The Spirits Business, a British specialized magazine. European specialists have highly appreciated taste of Fruko Schulz products and granted them Master awards in Cream, Fruit, and Herbs & Bitters categories.

A product can receive Master award only if the entire judging committee gives it a 90-point score, which only proves the highest quality of Fruko-Schulz’s products. It’s also worth mentioning that the Czech liqueurs have won more Master awards than any other brand which has participated in the competition. The judging panel took a joint decision on distribution of the awards. Traditionally, the judging committee comprises well-known mixologists, journalists and alcoholic beverages producers.

In the past, products of Fruko Schulz range were also recognized at The Liqueur Masters. In 2012, Fruko Schulz Coffee was awarded the silver medal at the competition in the Design and Packaging category. Fruko Schulz Coffee design (as well as the design of all the liqueurs of the range) was developed by Claessens, the famous London agency, which works with well-known brands such as Johnnie Walker, Cinzano, Guiness, Chivas Regal, etc.
Fruko Schulz is the largest Czech producer of strong alcoholic beverages and liqueurs and the leader in absinth production. Fruko-Schulz is a company with long-term history, which applies modern technologies to the production of liqueurs, bitters and absinth.