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The White Lady

The good ghost of the White Lady has lived within the walls of Jindrichuv Hradec Castle and Chateau for centuries. The White Lady is the name given to Perchta of Rozmberk by the famous Czech historian, Bohuslav Balbin. This gentlewoman of the Rozmberk family was married against her will to Jan of Liechtenstein. During their life together, he made her and his subjects suffer due to the fact that Perchta’s father did not pay the dowry which he had promised before the wedding. The details of her cruel fate are known to us from surviving letters kept at the archive at Jindrichuv Hradec. Countless strange phenomena are attributed to the mysterious ghost of Perchta. Her white figure is said to appear in the chambers and corridors of the castles and chateaux of Jindrichuv Hradec, Trebon, Cesky Krumlov, Rozmberk and Telc. The future can be predicted according to type of gloves she is wearing. If she is seen in red gloves, this foretells of a fire. Black gloves bodes death or disaster. White gloves predict a happy event – the birth of a child or a wedding. Legend tells us that she used to cook porridge in the Black Kitchen and handed it out to her people on religious festivals. She was attempting to atone for the sins of her husband in this way. Tradition has it, that she also concocted a special beverage – White Lady. Fruko-Schulz offers you the taste of mystery and the past, according to an original recipe. 



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