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Tuzemak on tour

For all fans of Jindrichuv Hradec "Sailing Ship Rum" we prepared set of sessions called Tuzemak on tour. We will be at the best music events in South Bohemia and offer you refreshments from our production. For more informations about events visit our FB profile.

New liqueurs

In the end of the year 2012 we completed the development of a completely new range of exclusive liquors. These liqueurs are primarily designed for bartenders to prepare mixed drinks. We would like to raise interest of the widest range of customers by a broad range of flavours from traditional flavours, such as coconut, peach, cherry to the less-known exotic - watermelon, banana, black currant. The range of liqueurs is replenished by three products designated for direct consumption: Bitter, Cream and Amaretto liqueur. For the full range, including more detailed information and photos, please visit the section Liqueurs.

Fruko-Schulz liqueurs

For creators and amateurs of diverse cocktails to have even more freedom to experiment we are planning on adding new flavors to Fruko Schulz line in the nearest future:

Fruko-Schulz Vanilla
Fruko-Schulz Blackberry
Fruko-Schulz Honey
Fruko-Schulz Passion Fruit
Fruko-Schulz Cranberry

Fruko-Schulz Assam Tea

Fruko-Schulz Crème de Cacao White

Fruko-Schulz Yoghurt